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Grundfos Optimizes Digital Connectivity in Delivering Solutions in The Midst of The Pandemic

November 2020

Latest News - Products & Services

Grundfos Optimizes Digital Connectivity in Delivering Solutions in The Midst of The Pandemic

November 2020

With the pandemic putting travel to a halt and making social distancing the new normal, Grundfos leverages on digital connectivity to deliver its usual best to clients.

Never backing down against any challenge, Grundfos didn’t let the pandemic dampen the delivery of  HVAC solutions to one of the most awaited projects in Qatar – QIMC Corniche Park Towers.

The landmark complex - consist of three mixed-use high-rise towers, which will feature a luxury 5-star hotel and residences, office and commercial spaces, and five levels of retail area.

A project this massive rightfully deserves the best HVAC solutions to ensure comfort and excellent system performance 24/7.

The project will be equipped with Grundfos’ high-performing and energy efficient HVAC pumps and controls.

To ensure high caliber performance, the solutions were subjected to Grundfos’ stringent quality testing in Grundfos production facility in Turkey while the clients, together with the contractors,  witnessed the excellent results in the comfort of their offices in Qatar.

Though an actual witness test was previously set in August, the restrictions brought about by the pandemic made Grundfos’  Qatar team suggest a Virtual Witness Testing. Grundfos production facility in Turkey, led by production manager, Ramkumar Kathirvel, was more than ready to jump into the opportunity.

While the concept of virtual witness testing is quite new to all parties involved, all apprehensions were abated as the testing started and all questions were addressed by Grundfos’ technical experts. All the more when the excellent results unraveled.

Ahmed Lallo, Grundfos sales manager for QKOB, comments that while the technology of virtual witness testing has been around in Grundfos for several years back, the option wasn’t often chosen by the clients. He comments that the pandemic made it a necessity. “The pandemic has affected lives and businesses in so many ways that companies ought to look at it as a chance to redefine focus and priorities for the better.” Lallo said.

As the successful virtual witness testing is a result of teamwork with Grundfos factory in Turkey, Lallo adds that “It is an opportunity for companies to leverage on the technologies of digitalization and connectivity. More so in strengthening collaboration not only with external stakeholders but most especially with our colleagues from across the miles”.

Looking more from the client’s perspective, Erkan Gulmez, Grundfos Branch Manager in Qatar, highlighted that at the end of the 4-hour witness test, not only were the clients impressed by the results, they also saved time, money and effort in doing the witness testing virtually.

That’s innovation and sustainability at its best!


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