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Doosan Bobcat Reclaims Mottrol in Strategic $178.6 Million Deal

Doosan Bobcat Inc., a leading compact construction machinery and equipment manufacturer under South Korea's Doosan Group, will reacquire its former affiliate Mottrol Co. for 246 billion won ($178.6 million), less than four years after its initial divestiture. This strategic move was approved by Doosan Bobcat's board, as disclosed in a regulatory filing on Wednesday. The acquisition involves purchasing a 100% stake, or 493,948 shares, in Mottrol from a consortium led by Korean private equity firms Socius Advisors and Well to Sea Investment Co. for 246 billion won in cash. The integration of Mottrol, Korea’s premier hydraulic component manufacturer, is expected to enhance Doosan Bobcat's business competitiveness, particularly in the hydraulic parts sector, which is critical for industrial
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Sany Achieves $10.2 Billion in Total Revenue, Electric Products Make Up 4.3%

Chinese construction equipment manufacturer Sany reported its total revenue from both electrically powered and hydrogen-powered machines for 2023. According to the company, revenue from electric products reached CNY 3.1 billion (US$434.8 million), while sales of hydrogen energy products amounted to CNY 130 million (US$17.8 million). Ranked as the sixth largest construction equipment manufacturer globally by annual revenue in US dollars, Sany's total revenue for 2023 was US$10.2 billion, according to the Yellow Table 2024. This indicates that electric product sales represent approximately 4.3% of Sany’s total sales, whereas hydrogen products account for less than 0.2%, highlighting the nascent stage of hydrogen technology. In 2023, Sany launched over 130 'new energy' products, including the

Mammoet Begins Assembly of World’s Biggest Land-Based Crane

SK6000 ring crane redefines modular construction methodologies across heavy industry Mammoet, the global leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport, has started assembling the world’s strongest land-based crane, the SK6000, at its Westdorpe facility in the Netherlands. This monumental project marks a new era in

Komatsu Introduces Second Generation Battery-Electric Drillers and Bolters

Komatsu, a prominent manufacturer in the global construction and mining equipment sector based in Japan, has launched the second generation of its Z2 product line. This new iteration includes battery-electric versions of the ZJ21 jump drill and ZB21 bolter, catering to the small-class segment. According to Komatsu, the
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Rio Tinto Advances Carbon-Free Aluminium Production in Québec

Rio Tinto's strategic initiative at its Arvida facility in Québec, Canada, marks a significant milestone in the aluminium industry. As the first licensee of ELYSIS technology, Rio Tinto is poised to deploy carbon-free aluminium smelting cells. This move underscores their commitment to advancing sustainable technology solutions within the sector. The project involves Rio Tinto undertaking the design, engineering, and construction of a demonstration plant featuring ten pots operating at 100 kiloamperes (kA). A newly formed joint venture, with Rio Tinto and the Government of Québec represented by Investissement Québec, will oversee this endeavor. Rio Tinto's investment totals US$179 million (CAN$235 million), complemented by US$106 million (CAN$140 million) from Investissement Québec,

Nacre-Inspired Design Enhances Toughness of Building Materials

Scientists are perpetually seeking methods to enhance the toughness, safety, and durability of inherently brittle building materials like concrete and ceramic. Their latest inspiration comes from an unexpected source: the incredibly strong shells of oysters. Nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, is the iridescent

Deacero Invests $600 Million in Green Steel Plant, Boosts Neutrum Product Line

Deacero announced on June 5 its commitment to invest approximately $600 million in a new steel plant slated to commence production in February 2026. This initiative is expected to augment the company's steel output by 1 million tonnes, supplementing existing production capacities across its facilities situated 182
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FEDS and Flybotix Partner to Transform Gulf Construction Inspections with Drones

FEDS has announced a strategic partnership with Flybotix, marking the latter’s entry into the Middle East market. This collaboration aims to revolutionize industrial inspections across Gulf countries, particularly focusing on the construction sector along with oil, gas, and mining industries. Rabih Bou Rached, CEO & Founder of FEDS, stated: “The driving force behind this partnership is FEDS’ commitment to a future-forward approach. Recognising the growing demand for indoor confined space inspections in the Middle East, we identified Flybotix as a perfect fit to meet market needs.” The partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to enhance safety, efficiency, and data accuracy in confined space inspections, particularly within the construction industry in the Gulf region. It

From Skanska to Katerra: Leading Players in the Modular Construction

Modular construction has emerged as a transformative force within the global construction industry, attracting major players like Bouygues, Skanska, Katerra, and others. This innovative approach addresses critical challenges such as housing shortages, rising costs, and labor constraints, positioning itself as a pivotal

Harnessing Technology and Safety Awareness for a Safer Construction Industry

The convergence of heightened safety awareness and the adoption of advanced technology is poised to instigate a significant transformation within the construction industry. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that nearly one-quarter of all work-related fatalities occur within this sector. Additionally, numerous serious but non-fatal accidents transpire daily on construction sites, predominantly due to falls, being struck by objects, electrocution, or being caught between objects. Cultivating a culture of safety is essential to mitigate these risks. A burgeoning trend of safety consciousness is evident among contractors and legislators. Unlike previous generations, the current workforce does not tolerate substandard workplace safety conditions. Change

Lendlease Prepares for Sale of Construction Business

Lendlease, a prominent construction firm, is currently in the process of being sold, with several potential buyers expressing interest. Simon Gorski, the managing director of its construction business, disclosed that while the formal sale process has yet to commence, preparations are underway to facilitate it promptly.

HDB Report Forecasts Decline in German Construction Sector

A study by the German Construction Industry Federation (HDB) released on Tuesday predicts a contraction of 4% for the German construction industry in 2024. This figure is slightly higher than the previously anticipated decline of 3.5%. The report forecasts a corresponding loss of around 10,000 jobs within the sector.
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Warringtonfire's £24M Fire-Security Lab Nears Completion

A fire security testing and certification provider is making significant strides at its new £24 million facility in Warrington, poised to generate 50 employment opportunities upon its inauguration next year. Warringtonfire is currently erecting a new 101,000 square foot laboratory at Birchwood Technology Park, with progress now reaching the 'third fix' stage. Four out of a planned seven state-of-the-art fire resistance testing furnaces have been installed, signifying substantial advancement towards completion and commissioning. As part of the global Element Materials Technology group, Warringtonfire specializes in the fire resistance testing of critical fire safety products and systems, such as fire doorsets and intumescent coatings for steel protection. Ten months into the anticipated
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DEWALT Launches Innovative TOUGHSERIES™ Construction Jack for Efficient Lifting and Leveling

DEWALT, a brand under Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK) and a leader in comprehensive jobsite solutions, has introduced the new TOUGHSERIES™ Construction Jack (DWHT83550), a robust, hands-free lifting tool designed for a broad range of applications. As part of the TOUGHSERIES™ lineup, the Construction Jack boasts a lift capacity of up to 340 lbs.* and a lift height of 8-3/4 inches, enabling users to perform demanding lifting, leveling, and installation tasks, among various other uses. "Heavy lifting typically requires the time and energy of more than one worker, which can interrupt workflow," stated Dave Veprek, Vice President, Hand Tools, Accessories & Storage, DEWALT. "The TOUGHSERIES™ Construction Jack is designed to give one worker the lifting assistance they need with a step-to-lift

Advancing DC Microgrid Technology

The evolution of electric power distribution has long been dominated by alternating current (AC) systems, stemming from the famous "Current War" of the late 19th century. However, as modern needs expand to include renewable energy sources like solar power and the proliferation of DC-dependent technologies such as
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Insights from Kesz Romania’s Latest Project

The construction industry is experiencing a gradual transformation driven by technological advancements, despite its traditional reliance on human labor. In Romania, this shift is notably illustrated by Kesz Romania, a leading construction firm undertaking the ambitious project of establishing a new AI Research Institute at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Last year, Kesz Romania reported substantial business growth, with revenues reaching nearly 300 million RON. They are now engaged in a prestigious new venture, having secured a contract worth over 105 million RON through a public tender. Although one might expect a construction site for an Artificial Intelligence Institute to be equipped with cutting-edge technologies, it primarily utilizes standard construction machinery.

New Developments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Drive Building Material Sales

Demand for building materials in the UAE is projected to rise steadily amid a construction surge and the initiation of new projects by property developers, according to a senior executive. Dubai is constructing a new terminal at Al Maktoum Airport, with a total investment of Dh128 billion ($34.8 billion), aiming to

Carrefour International du Bois 2024

After the great success of the 2022 edition of the Carrefour International du Bois, The reference event for the entire forest and wood sector is back in Nantes, France, on 28, 29 and 30 May 2024 with its share of new features. The major indicator, which could predict the success for this show : the stand sales are now closed! The exhibitors' enthusiasm for this biennial event was immediate. New for 2024 : The Carrefour International du Bois will be implementing the sectorization, in order to improve the visibility of the products and the visitor experience, and will divided into 4 exhibition halls: Hall 1: Parquet Hall 2 : Panels Grand Palais : Construction Hall XXL: Sawn timber, Timber trade and Forestry Also new for 2024, the show will be now open on Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29 and Thursday