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British Steel Seeks £500m Support Package

British Steel’s owner has asked the UK government for a £500m cash injection to keep its furnaces in Lincolnshire burning. Chinese firm Jingye, which bought British Steel out of administration in 2020, said the cash would ensure its Scunthorpe furnaces remain viable, according to the Financial Times. It has asked for up to half a billion pounds from the government, the newspaper reports, with the company thought to be losing about £1m every day. Around £100m of the cash injection required by Jingye would help manage the soaring cost of carbon permits, the FT reports. Firms that pollute above a certain level set by the government must reduce their levels or purchase extra permits. The UK's second-biggest steel producer is also facing increasing energy prices. This caused it to hike its

First nuclear fusion plant to be built in Nottinghamshire

West Burton power station site in Nottinghamshire has been selected as the home for the UK’s prototype fusion energy plant. The government said that the West Burton coal power station site has been selected as the home for the STEP – Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production – project. The prototype fusion energy plant
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What is a Hybrid Base Construction for Paving Stone Installation?

What is a hybrid base construction? A standard paver base consists of compacted gravel in the base layer and concrete sand in the bedding layer. On the other hand, a permeable paver base uses a deeper porous drainage stone and installation methods for the bottom and ¼-10” as the bedding layer. A hybrid base, which we’re discussing in this article, uses the standard base construction in conjunction with permeable base bedding. In short, Hybrid Base Construction combines traditional and permeable base. Benefits of a hybrid base What are the benefits of installing a hybrid base for your pavers instead of the traditional base? Easy to walk on The way the hybrid base is structured makes it incredibly smooth for walking. The high compaction of the material makes it easier to walk on during

Sany's new tower crane has liftoff

Chinese machinery giant Sany Group launched its new-generation tower crane, part of the group's latest efforts to enhance its competitive advantage in the field. Tower cranes are one of three main pillars of the heavy lifting division, along with truck cranes and crawler cranes. Tower cranes work high above the ground,
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Different types of traditional and modern stone facades and cladding

Stone building facades add masses of aesthetic appeal to an otherwise normal-looking building. But aesthetics is just one benefit among a list of functional improvements that stone facades and cladding can offer, such as protecting a building from the elements and improving its resistance to temperate (both hot and cold). With so many different types of stone available, the skyline of cities across the world is often dominated by wonderful, unique stone designs. The challenge for many building owners comes down to one of choice: Natural stone or artificial? Marble or granite? Cheap to buy or cheap to maintain? Let’s start with the foundations: natural stone and artificial stone. Traditional stone facades were mainly made using natural stone Natural stone is an architectural material that
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How Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Changing The Construction Industry

Recently, the term “IoT” in the building and construction industry has gained popularity and so has its application. In layman’s words, this is simply the use of technological equipment or the “Internet of Things” and modern-day internet software. As a result efficacy of building and construction projects has been maximized. In this article, I will be taking you through some of the applications of the Internet of Things in this industry. But before that, what does the term IoT really mean? Internet of Things (IoT) is simply physical objects (things). However, they are not just things but things with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies. Moreover, the “things” can connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications

4 promising digital technologies for circular construction

To ensure there will be enough housing available for a growing population by 2060, recent studies suggest that we need to construct the equivalent of the building space of New York City every month for the next 40 years. Not only is the size of this project a tremendous challenge, but so is the ecological footprint of

Vistry to buy rival Countryside for £1.24bn

Vistry has announced plans to buy partnership housing rival Countryside in a cash and share deal worth £1.25bn. The deal will create one of the country’s leading home builders with revenue of over £3bn. The combined business will comprise a top tier house builder and a leading partnerships business, with capability across all housing tenures, and delivering much-needed affordable housing. Vistry is forecasting that future operating profit from each division could top £400m, making in excess of £800m in total. Under the terms of the deal, Countryside shareholders will receive 0.255 of a Vistry share for each of their shares plus 60p. Five major shareholders in Countryside representing 39% of the shareholding have backed the planned takeover along with both boards. The resulting combined
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6 Different Types of Windows Used in Buildings

The most common materials used to build windows are timber, steel and aluminium. But, steel may be damaged by chemical reactions with time, while timber may be attacked by termites, but aluminium window frames are mostly durable and does not have any defects and are widely used these days, but the price is compared to the other materials is little high. Windows also enhance the beauty of the building. Fixed Windows As the name suggests, these types of windows are basically fixed to the wall which cannot be opened or closed but, the lights can be transmitted easily into the room through fully glazed shutters which are fixed to the window frame. The shutters provided are generally weatherproof. These windows are also named as pictured windows, as they are sometimes provided only for viewing

Thermal imaging technology detects fires and saves lives and assets

If you own or manage a business, you know how devastating a fire can be. Not only do fires reduce profits by damaging property and equipment as well as increasing downtime, but they are a serious safety risk for you and your employees. And while not all fires are entirely preventable, there are many steps you can take

Global Residential Security Market

Product Overview Residential home security systems are the selling of smart home security equipment and related services. It is possible to connect smart home security devices to Wi-Fi and access them from anywhere using a smartphone, smartwatch, or voice. Devices such as smart alarms, smart cameras, smart locks, smart
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BKT Recycling Tires

The BKT Skid Max SR-Skidder tire enables the carrying heavy loads while maintaining stability in recycling environments. It is available now two sizes, including the recently introduced 300/70 R 16.5. An all-steel structure with steel belts provides greater resistance to the carcass and therefore to impacts, the company says. The thick sidewall contributes to minimize the risk of punctures and accidental damage. In addition, the rim guard prevents any punctures and shocks that might damage the area around the rim. The wide tread has been designed with a continuous central lug and is made of a special anti-static and extremely abrasion-resistant tread compound to ensure traction and service life. The BK-Loader 53 is now available in the 405/70 R 18 size in addition to the existing size,

Manitowoc MLC250 Crawler Crane

Manitowoc MLC250 lattice boom crawler crane replaces the 999 in the 275-ton class. Updates include a switch to open-loop hydraulics from the closed-loop system on the 999. Every main function (aside from swing) is powered by the same two main pumps, reducing parasitic load. The engine remains the same, the Cummins
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Australia's Construction Industry Takes First Step Towards Net Zero with Landmark Transition To Renewable Diesel

The Australian-first sustainability initiative is the result of a partnership between the NSW Government, Marr as the instigators of the HVO100 initiative and cranage provider, Multiplex as the delivery partner of the new Sydney Fish Market, and Lendlease as the design and construction partners of Powerhouse Parramatta. Recognising the urgency to find an alternative to fossil diesel to power its fleet of heavy lift tower cranes, Marr consulted with clients and leaders within Australia’s construction industry, including senior executives from Multiplex and Lendlease, to understand the issues and constraints with currently available alternatives before scouring the world for the best solution. After working closely with Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel, Marr assessed

India's Road Construction Sector Geared Up for PM Modi's Vision of Speed & Scale

India's road network growth is witnessing a transformation in its speed and scale of development. This embodies Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's vision of Speed and Scale of progress. It encompasses national highways, State highways, and rural roads. The government aims to construct 100 km of roads per day

ENCON3 To Address Challenges of Kuwait’s Construction Sector

The Federation of Kuwaiti Engineering Offices & Consultant Houses (KFEOCH) announced in a press release on Saturday that the “3rd Consulting Services for the Development Plan Forum (ENCON3)” will convene on 10 – 12 January 2023 at Al-Baraka Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Minister of State for Municipal Affairs

The Big 5 Saudi Announces Move To Riyadh For 2021 Edition

dmg events, organisers of The Big 5 Saudi, have announced that the leading construction event will move to Riyadh in 2021. Now in the capital, the event can effectively drive vital business connections and Vision 2030 objectives, while supporting recovery efforts following COVID-19. Ben Greenish, Senior Vice President



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