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Trends in backhoe loaders to look forward in 2022

Backhoe Loader’ has been around as common construction equipment in urban engineering and small construction projects. Over the years this construction equipment market in India has gone through an evolution. The true development of the backhoe began in 1947 by the inventors that started the Wain-Roy Corporation of Hubbardston, Massachusetts. In 1947 Wain-Roy Corporation developed and tested the first actual backhoes. In April 1948 Wain-Roy Corporation sold the very first all hydraulic backhoes, mounted to a Ford Model 8N tractor, to the Connecticut Light and Power Company. With time there has been development in Productivity and performance. The backhoe loaders can now enable more Load, Dig and Doze productivity. Backhoe loaders with fuel efficiency CEV Stage IV backhoe loader range is

The Excavator: Everything You Need To Know

Excavators are an essential piece of heavy equipment for most construction projects. Often referred to as diggers, excavators are used for all kinds of jobs like material handling, landscaping, demolition, mining projects, river dredging and construction. The Makeup Of An Excavator The anatomy of an excavator is made

Machine Control Streamlines Earthmoving Operations

By now everyone is familiar with machine control technologies utilized on earthmoving applications. But as the costs continue to drop and the technology continues to advance, make sure you are not one of the contractors who gets left behind. “There are very few earthmoving applications that won’t benefit from machine
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Architectural grilles are typically used to provide for ventilation or exhaust air, while offering defense against vision, water and noise intrusion, while limiting the visibility of mechanical equipment on or near the building. Our grilles are designed to give architects aesthetic flexibility to enhance the building’s appearance while providing reliable functionality. The purpose of architectural grilles is to offer the architect aesthetic flexibility to enhance a building's appearance. Common applications include: Decorative treatment in a building's facade. Parking garages for ventilation and limiting visibility into the garage. AWV is dedicated to innovation and has comprehensive design capabilities. While our website and literature provide a general overview of our capabilities, we

Ceramic Sanitary Ware Market by Type

The global ceramic sanitary ware market size is projected to reach USD 44.6 billion by 2025 from USD 32.1 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 6.8%. The initiatives by the governments of developing nations, coupled with the changing lifestyle and purchasing power of the middle-class population across the globe, are driving
Digital Construction Techs

The 'Why' of Geospatial Innovation

When we examine trends in innovation, geospatial technology that leverages artificial intelligence, autonomous robots and augmented reality catches most of our collective attention. But widen the lens to the impact of the work we do, and the heart of the ‘why’ becomes vivid — people.

IoT in 2022: IoT turns into a service

As IoT matures, vendors are creating application bundles to simplify deployments, but security remains a worry The Internet of Things has been a hyped technology for years, but the pandemic and its associated tidal wave of remote work pushed its actual use in the enterprise into overdrive. What’s more, IoT is maturing

Construction's Adoption of Digital Tools is Gaining; But Hurdles Still Exist

To survive in today’s marketplace, and provide meaningful solutions to construction’s challenges, contractors need to embrace digital transformation. Building, by nature, is a physical and collaborative action. The building process has continued to evolve, improved by technological advances in safety, modern machinery
Interviews & Profiles

Banizaman Lari: Growth within the Industry of Using New Technologies Is Captivating For All Those Involved

constructionHQ conducted an interview with Eng. Rahim Banizaman Lari the managing director and founder of Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (Araco). The company is one of the well-known Engineering Consultants in design, supervision and project management in the UAE, it has industry experience spanning over thirty years. A diversified portfolio covers a number of successful developments, including residential buildings and villas, commercial buildings, hospitals, and industrial projects.

How the EU Is In Danger of Making Construction Less Productive

Proposed European data privacy laws could hinder the flow of data around construction sites. In this article Riccardo Viaggi, Secretary General of the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) talks about how the EU can be both a force for good and ill when it comes to boosting construction’s output. While

Atlas Copco Twinpowertm Powers The Production Of Jasmine Water And Beverages Factory Ltd. Co In Saudi Arabia

When Jasmine Water and Beverages Factory Ltd Co, a large water and beverage factory based 120km west from Riyadh city, needed a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for its 24/7 operations, they turned to Atlas Copco’s partner GCC Olayan for a solution. Jasmine Water and Beverages Factory Ltd Co's plant is in a remote location in the desert, without access to stable power grid. Therefore, the company was facing frequent power failures, making the continuous production line difficult. That is why Jasmine Water and Beverages required a reliable generator. To overcome the challenge, GCC Olayan, Atlas Copco Power and Flow’s official distributor in Saudi Arabia recommended four TwinPowerTM generators. The TwinPowerTM from Atlas Copco is a unique containerised portable generator that delivers

Completion of World’s Largest Combined Cycle Power Plants in Record Time

In collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Siemens and its consortium partners, Orascom Construction and Elsewedy Electric, announced today the completion of the Egypt Megaproject in record time. The parties celebrated the combined cycle commissioning and the start of operations at
Security & Fire Protection

EZVIZ’s C8PF dual-lens smart camera named “Home Security Innovation of the Year" in 2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

EZVIZ, a world-leading smart home security company, proudly announces that its flagship C8PF Dual-lens Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera received the 2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards as the Home Security Innovation of the Year. Launched in late 2021, the C8PF brings professional-grade technologies to daily family use, hitting the target for an all-in-one camera for 24/7 home protection. Unique features such as dual-lens 8x mixed zoom, picture-in-picture display, AI-powered person detection, and extra-large on-device storage capacity all contributed to the camera’s winning. For six consecutive years, the IoT Breakthrough Awards have recognized standout innovators, leaders, and visionaries from around the globe in wide IoT categories, including Connected Home, Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, Connected Car,

Electronic locks adapt to new demands

Rapidly growing demand for low-contact hospitality experiences is driving quick updates to hotel lock systems, and growing concerns about safety and security are encouraging hoteliers to leverage a range of options. “The fundamental reason a lock exists on the door is controlled access,” said David Ginn, VP of
Real Estate

Adaptable Spaces, Flexible Leases, Tech Adoption And Sustainability To Drive The Regional Property Market In 2021

JLL, one of the world’s leading real estate investment and advisory firms, has shared insights on the property trends expected to drive Middle East’s real estate industry in 2021 at its annual outlook event hosted virtually in Dubai. At the virtual event, Dana Salbak, Head of Research at JLL MENA provided an overview of critical themes such as sustainability and tech adoption which have been accelerated during the pandemic and are likely to drive the real estate industry forward. Salbak commented: “The year 2020 and the pandemic have reminded us of the fragility of our society and ecosystem, and have increased the focus on tech adoption, as well as, sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG). To ensure business success, these elements must be at the heart of

The Evolution of Real Estate in 2021: A Market Response

Matthew Sexton, Managing Director at SAY Studio, the Dubai based design firm discusses the impact the past twelve months have had on the UAE’s real estate landscape and what key dates in 2021 have done to industry projections. The primary trends we saw as a design firm, in Q4 of 2020’s tenders, were a dramatic increase

Canadian construction industry may be short 29,000 workers by 2027

Canada's construction and maintenance industry rebounded strongly in 2021 and is expected to continue growing through 2027 on the strength of strong near-term demand and sustained activity in several key sectors. Construction investment rebounded strongly in 2021 as Canada's economy recovered from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Total year-over-year construction investment increased by approximately 11 percent in 2021, as both the residential sector (+14 percent) and the non-residential sector (+8 percent) saw gains. Investment is projected to remain at or near current high levels through 2023 and before declining gradually over the remainder of the forecast period. The rise in construction activity in 2021 lifted employment to approximately 1.1 million workers. That figure is a 7

Egypt’s project and construction sector is MENA’s rising star

Across Egypt, development is taking place at an unprecedented pace While the construction sector in Egypt was temporarily paralyzed during the early months of the pandemic, the infrastructure project pipeline has remained robust. The need to boost utilities and transport capabilities has helped the sector continue to

The Big 5 To Gather Global Construction Leaders at Its Digital Festival

The Big 5, the international event accelerating growth in the construction industry for the past four decades, is launching the first Big 5 Digital Festival - Global this year. The event, which will run completely online from 23 to 26 November, will gather the global construction community to build resiliency and empower industry professionals to grow their businesses, learn from the world’s top experts, and be ready for the post Covid-19 world. “Sharing knowledge, and maintaining and building connections with industry peers, partners, and experts are paramount for construction industry players to successfully navigate through these challenging times”, says Josine Heijmans, Vice President – Construction at dmg events, the organizers of The Big 5. “This is why we decided to run a completely

DEWA Organises Virtual WETEX And Dubai Solar Show

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) will organize the 22nd Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and the 5th Dubai Solar Show virtually from 26-28 October 2020. The two exhibitions will provide a new experience for exhibitors to display their products innovatively, through 3D



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