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Modularisation as the foundation for standards and more automation

This year’s the EF|A – Eplan Forum for Automated Engineering event will be taking place in a hybrid format. As in previous years, the focus will be on modularisation, standardisation and automation. These topics are of burning importance for both management and users in machine and plant system engineering – after all, modularisation is the key to standardisation and, ultimately, a higher degree of automation. Attendees, both on-location and online, will receive tips and strategies for taking their personal next step on the path to automated engineering. Monheim, Germany – Whether live in Düsseldorf or online during the livestream around the world, anyone interested can network with other industry experts during the EF|A Forum. Eplan has created a special space for this because the full

Sobha Realty says work on Sobha Hartland 60% completed

8 million sqft waterfront community has construction underway in three phases Sobha Realty, the Dubai-based real estate developer, has announced that work is moving forwards at a steady pace on its flagship project, Sobha Hartland, an 8 million sqft waterfront community featuring a mix of luxury apartments, villas and
Construction Machines & Vehicles

John Deere Scraper Earthmoving Productivity System Provides Volume Measurement Accuracy

The wheel tractor-scraper is a heavy-duty loading and hauling machine. It has been designed to suit tough working conditions. This tractor is a highly versatile piece of heavy machinery and is frequently relied on in the mining industry. Read on to learn more about how the wheel tractor-scraper works. What Is the Wheel Tractor-Scraper Used For? The wheel tractor-scraper can be used across a wide variety of applications. The machine can be used for: Mining coal, chalk, bauxite, and silicon sand Mine reclamation Mine-stripping applications Road development and construction Landfill cell construction Dam construction These machines also work as selective tools for mining. This means the operator of the wheel tractor-scraper can choose specific areas within the mine and swiftly send the

Motor Graders 2022 Global Market Size

The motor graders are one of the most vital equipment in the construction of roads and hence are very rightly referred to as road building equipment. This type of equipment is extremely versatile in nature and therefore find a wide range of applications. One of the best things about motor graders is that they can be

Top 10 Biggest Bulldozer in The World 2022

Top 10 biggest bulldozers in the world – Huge construction or mining projects are difficult. The equipment used to complete them must be large, powerful, and reliable. There is no better equipment than bulldozers. They are the largest of their kind. These giant machines are the best for working on difficult terrain.
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Why and When to Use Plenum Rated (CMP) Cable

If you're installing cables in buildings with drop ceilings and HVAC system – whether it's for a Wi-Fi network, signal booster, a distributed antenna system (DAS), or something else – understanding when you need plenum cables is critical. Plenum-cable requirements exist in almost every building code in the US. They're there to protect occupants from potentially fatally hazardous fumes. What are the different cable ratings and who rates them? When we talk about plenum and non-plenum cable, we are not talking about the type of cable (coaxial, Cat5e/Cat6 ethernet, HDMI, etc.), but rather the fire resistance of the jacket (outer covering) around the cable. In the United States, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) outlines the standards for electrical wiring in buildings in the
Digital Construction

How tech can drive innovation in manufacturing and construction

Lorraine McMorrow, BIM and digital construction manager at the McAvoy Group, outlines how digital construction can be used to support the green agenda, deliver successful projects responsibly and transform the reputation of the industry to become a force for good


Construction projects require instant, reliable access to data. Projects of all sizes run on shared information, whether that be related to scheduling, costs, risk, or resources. Traditionally, information would have been stored on local computer drives or ring-fenced on local networks. Communication with partners or

How Can Virtual Reality Be Used in Construction?

Construction companies are incorporating virtual reality as part of their daily workflow to ensure that projects stay on track as construction season continues. Supervisors and inspectors are able to observe job sites in action with virtual reality technology as well as 3D cameras hundreds of miles apart. The only

Wool Bricks? An Interesting Collaboration Between Scottish Sheep and Spanish Researchers

With the inevitability increase in the housing crises and the global climate change, it is more than ever essential to reduce our energy consumption and choose wisely construction materials. Eco-Friendly building material is a type of material that doesn't harm the environment, whether in its production, use or disposal and can easily be recycled. Using Eco-Friendly materials is hugely beneficial in the long run. Building a green home reduces carbon emissions significantly and saves energy, which results in saving money on energy bills. Researchers in Spain and Scotland have been experimenting with the strength qualities of modern forms of unfired clay bricks, discovering what have been dubbed wool bricks. They are an almost zero-carbon product that can be sourced using local materials and
Security & Fire Protection

Smart construction site camera systems. Secure your site with confidence.

Protect your profitability with wireless solar security camera solutions that let you monitor and record activity on your building sites from anywhere, and actively deter crime too. Securing and managing your construction site has never been simpler. Whether it is driving productivity through eyes, senses, and remote communications with sites, stopping theft, trespass and vandalism or improving safety through smart warning, mustering, and sensing technologies, Spectur’s industrial security systems can help. We provide organizations with the option to buy, lease or hire the right security system for them, from cutting-edge industrial 4G remote monitoring cameras to solar-powered commercial security cameras. Why is it important to have construction site security cameras? Reducing Theft

What is Fire Alarm Software?

Fire alarm systems typically include a composite of complex sensors, alarms, sprinklers and computer devices. Most advanced systems are run by special fire alarm software. This computer application is responsible for managing the integrations of multiple components and sensors within the system. It is designed to

Continuing Camera Advancement

The new vision for intelligent surveillance cameras Video surveillance technology has come a long way over the past few decades, evolving into the intelligent network system endpoints they are today. Given our increasingly high expectations for HD quality on all video devices we use, it is hard to comprehend that
Product Focus

Best Basement Waterproofing Sealer

While concrete may seem like an extremely strong building material, it is naturally porous and prone to water absorption. Beginning on the surface, concrete is filled with tiny pores and hairline cracks that extend throughout the material. While concrete may seem strong enough without any treatment, it is not as strong and protected as it can be. The tiny pores of a concrete slab and foundation can absorb water if not treated with a waterproofing concrete sealer. Basements are one of the most vulnerable areas of a home and if left untreated they are at high risk of flooding, excessive mold and mildew build-up and the passage of radon gases. While trace amounts of moisture are not a problem, water that can physically pass through the concrete and drip through the walls will lead to mold and

SleeveCap TMJ sleeve

What does the SleeveCap achieve? SleeveCap creates a cost effective Temporary Movement Joint sleeve in seconds, by utilising a readily available standard post tensioning duct. Alleviating shrinkage cracks by providing separation between concrete elements. Grouting of the sleeve is managed through secured tubes
Country Reports

Russia signs new construction deal for Turkey’s 1st nuclear plant

Russia’s state nuclear energy firm Rosatom has awarded TSM Enerji the contract to undertake the remaining construction work at Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, the company said on Saturday. Akkuyu Nükleer, a Rosatom subsidiary that is building four reactors at the site on the Mediterranean coast, said it had signed the engineering, procurement and construction contract with TSM after terminating its agreement with Turkish firm IC Içtaş. Mersin-based TSM is owned by three Russia-based companies, according to the Turkish trade registry. “All works under current subcontracts will be transferred to TSM... Similar new contracts will be signed between TSM and subcontractors,” Akkuyu Nükleer said in a statement, without saying why the IC Içtaş agreement had been terminated. It said the

Saudi government selects IBM as partner for digital skills building

Saudi Arabia is currently the world’s ninth most advanced country for digital skills, according to the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Competitiveness Report. Keen to expand on its excellence, the country’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is unrolling a range of key initiatives as part of a

The Big 5 Saudi Announces Move To Riyadh For 2021 Edition

dmg events, organisers of The Big 5 Saudi, have announced that the leading construction event will move to Riyadh in 2021. Now in the capital, the event can effectively drive vital business connections and Vision 2030 objectives, while supporting recovery efforts following COVID-19. Ben Greenish, Senior Vice President at dmg events, commented: “We are delighted to confirm new dates for The Big 5 Saudi, and to announce that the event will be held in Riyadh for the first time in 2021. At a time when construction developments and the business landscape are rapidly changing, we look forward to providing a safe environment where the industry can connect, kick-start business, and drive growth. It is our hope that both the discussions and the partnerships made at the event are going to have a



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