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Mental Health In The Construction Industry

A staggering statistic, one in five U.S. adults experience mental illness annually. In industries like construction, where safety risks are present daily, taking steps to provide resources and support for individuals to take their mental health seriously is critical. As the industry advances physical safety protocols, mental health and wellness are also becoming a key area of focus for construction professionals. Mental health in the industry While further study is underway to assess contributing factors, it is known that the physical demands on a craft professional can take a noticeable toll on individual workers and can heavily impact the mental health of craft workers. According to a 2021 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 94% of workers in the construction and extraction

With WX175E SR, Case Construction Equipment Strikes The Wheeled Excavator Market

CASE Construction Equipment is re-entering the wheeled excavator market in North America, previewing the product line with the new WX175E SR at CONEXPO. This addition to the CASE excavator lineup features a short radius design for working in metro areas and on roadside projects. The wheeled excavator features powerful
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Heavy Machinery Is Going Electric, but Not for the Reasons You’d Expect

Big tractors, backhoes, dump trucks, and bulldozers, these machines are getting smarter and more efficient, which can mean improving profits and free cash flow for the companies that make the equipment. That can capture the imaginations of investors. For machinery customers, and everyone else, new equipment has benefits. It is better for the environment. It can produce lower carbon emissions. But that’s not the only pollution being reduced. Earlier this week, agriculture and construction equipment maker CNH Industrial (ticker: CNHI) hosted an agriculture technology day in Arizona. The company showcased how data and technology can improve crop yields and farmer productivity. CNH also unveiled alternative drivetrains—equipment that runs on methane produced on the farm, or on batteries. Much

John Deere Introduces New FR27 Disc Saw Felling Head

Most feller bunchers utilize one of two chassis designs, depending on the conditions on the site. Light to medium duty feller bunchers use a rubber-tired tractor chassis, similar to backhoes. Heavy duty feller bunchers or those working in muddy or uneven fields may use tracked designs also found on bulldozers. Many

Dynapac to Roll Out Electric Tandem Asphalt Compactors to U.S. Market

Dynapac introduced the world’s first emissions-free battery-powered asphalt compactor more than a decade ago, and now the company is ready to bring two electric tandem-drum vibratory compactor models to market next year, including in the United States. The prototype machine that was nominated for an Innovation Award at
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Construction MMI: Aluminum Plate and Steel Rebar Reverse

The Construction MMI (Monthly MetalMiner Index) flatlined sideways, moving downward by a meager 0.07%. The overall volatility of metal prices remains a primary challenge to the index. The near-stationary index contrasts starkly with the downward 2022 trend. Aside from fluctuating metal prices, the industry also had its integrity tested by several other problems. These included rising interest rates, labor shortages, energy shortages globally, and zero-COVID. Month-over-month, most bar-fuel surcharges remained within a sideways trend. Such has been the case for the past couple of months. The only exception is the Weekly Midwest, which rose considerably ($0.16 per mile). Meanwhile, European commercial 1050 aluminum sheets also increased in price quite a bit. This was mostly due to ongoing

Structural Engineering: Comparing Welded and Bolted Unions

During the planning and design stage of any project, engineers must decide which material or tool is the best to complete certain tasks. The types of joints used in a structure usually depend on the overall design, but there are several factors to consider - cost, installation time and overall performance. This article
Digital Construction

Cat® Command Remote Control Operation Expands to Cat 349,352,374 And 395 Large Excavators

Cat® 349, 352, 374 and 395 large hydraulic excavators can now be equipped with Cat Command for Excavating. The remote-control system removes operators from potentially hazardous jobsite conditions by keeping them at a safe distance, and it reduces potential safety risks from climbing on and off machines. The Cat Command station allows for non-line-of-sight remote control, where users can comfortably control all basic machine functions like digging, lifting and tracking. Additionally, Caterpillar exclusive machine technologies like Cat Grade with 3D for Excavators, Grade with Assist for boom and bucket, Swing Assist, E-Fence, and others can be set, activated, and used remotely. The technology helps improve machine productivity on various projects like operating in unstable underfoot

5 Ways BIM Software Can Improve Construction Site Collaboration

Today’s construction market is highly dynamic and fast-paced. As a result, construction projects around the world are becoming increasingly complex with shorter project completion times, increasing customer quality expectations, and higher numbers of teams, trade professionals, site managers, and subcontractors working

Trimble Ventures Invests in Civ Robotics

Trimble's (NASDAQ: TRMB) corporate venture capital fund, announced today its investment in Civ Robotics, a San Francisco-based construction tech startup focusing on transforming surveying layout for civil engineering and infrastructure projects. This investment supports Trimble Ventures' mission to invest in early and

NEOM TROJENA appoints US firm Bechtel as Project Management Consultant

Bechtel’s Jake Mumm said that NEOM TROJENA is “the most ambitious project in living memory” American engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company Bechtel has been appointed as the Project Management Consultant (PMC) for NEOM TROJENA, Saudi Arabia’s ski resort set to be completed by 2026. As part of the contract award, Bechtel will provide services including technical, commercial and construction management, for the development of NEOM TROJENA and supporting the $500 billion gigaproject’s ambitions for sustainability. “NEOM is without question the most ambitious project in living memory, and we are proud to expand our role to support the TROJENA project,” said Jake Mumm, regional managing director for Infrastructure at Bechtel. Mumm added: “From a construction

First On Site 3d Printed House in California

The 1,200 SF (112 m2) house was 3D printed with locally made real concrete mixed on site and erected in the area of Redding, Northern California which lost 1,100 houses in the 2018 wildfires The one-story house is 8 feet tall, with cavity concrete walls each of 50 mm and was permitted according to the strict California
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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are still currently the most common and effective fire protection systems. With millions of installations around the world, statistics demonstrate that fewer than 3 sprinkler heads are enough to control 50% of fires, and 9 are enough to control more than 80%. Although the purpose of a sprinkler system is not to directly protect the people involved but to control the fire, by preventing the fire from spreading and allowing the emergency teams to intervene safely, it still guarantees high effectiveness in terms of occupant protection. The global fire sprinkler heads market size is anticipated to be worth USD 743.6 million in 2022. The global COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented and staggering, with the market experiencing higher-than-anticipated demand across all

Application of Security Robots – Current State and Future Potential

What are Security Robots? In the simplest terms, security robots are any physical or software robots that can guard and provide security to assets. In general terms, there are two main types of security robots – virtual and physical. Physical robots are what you would traditionally imagine security robots to be. They
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The Best Roof Underlayments Of 2022

From the ground, a roof looks like a simple set of inclined planes meant to shed water. However, roofs are actually complex systems of shingles, plywood, different types of flashing, membranes, vents, sealant, and more. Underneath it all sits one of the most important components of the system: the roofing underlayment. Roofing underlayment serves many purposes. It protects the plywood decking from the elements, helping shed moisture and prevent leaks while also maintaining a barrier between the roofing material and decking. This guide will explain how to choose and what to look for in the best roof underlayments. Types of Roof Underlayments There are essentially three types of roof underlayments: felt, rubberized, and synthetic. Each has its pros and cons, and there are certain situations

BKT Recycling Tires

The BKT Skid Max SR-Skidder tire enables the carrying heavy loads while maintaining stability in recycling environments. It is available now two sizes, including the recently introduced 300/70 R 16.5. An all-steel structure with steel belts provides greater resistance to the carcass and therefore to impacts, the
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Canadian Construction Industry Outlook for 2023

2023 appears to be a year of challenge and change as the Canadian construction industry grapples with ongoing problems such as the labour shortage while continuing to move toward integrated project delivery to achieve greater efficiency. The Canadian labour shortage will continue challenging the industry. Not enough people are joining construction, which will mean a continued labour shortage in 2023. According to the Canadian Construction Association, 22 per cent of the Canadian construction workforce will be retiring by 2028. The loss of that experience and knowledge is a significant concern. In addition to attracting more young people to the industry, technology will continue to help construction organizations do more with the workers they have. Streamlining processes with technology

IGI Developments Directs $33mln Into Construction During 2023 In Egypt

IGI Developments has completed eight residential projects over the last 30 years, with a total population of over 30,000 people (approximately 6,000 families).This number is expected to be raised to 12,000 families by the time all units are delivered (a population of around 60,000). The company has delivered 1,000

Switzerland To Subsidize Alpine PV

The Swiss government introduced measures to fast-track permitting and construction of alpine PV in October 2022. It is set to announce a new incentive scheme for these installations in April 2023. pv magazine spoke with Lionel Bloch, renewable energy project manager at Swiss engineering firm Planair, about the new

The Big 5 Saudi Announces Move To Riyadh For 2021 Edition

dmg events, organisers of The Big 5 Saudi, have announced that the leading construction event will move to Riyadh in 2021. Now in the capital, the event can effectively drive vital business connections and Vision 2030 objectives, while supporting recovery efforts following COVID-19. Ben Greenish, Senior Vice President



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