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March 2022

Building Equipment & Products - Doors & Windows


March 2022

Architectural grilles are typically used to provide for ventilation or exhaust air, while offering defense against vision, water and noise intrusion, while limiting the visibility of mechanical equipment on or near the building. Our grilles are designed to give architects aesthetic flexibility to enhance the building’s appearance while providing reliable functionality.

The purpose of architectural grilles is to offer the architect aesthetic flexibility to enhance a building's appearance. Common applications include: Decorative treatment in a building's facade. Parking garages for ventilation and limiting visibility into the garage. AWV is dedicated to innovation and has comprehensive design capabilities. While our website and literature provide a general overview of our capabilities, we welcome the opportunity to develop solutions that satisfy your project's unique requirements.

12 Safest and Elegant Window Grill Design Ideas 2022

You know only bars are so outdated even it isn’t the safest option as well. With the increase in technology and the invention of new tools, merely bars are not safe. Bars are most natural to break, so the best option is to get Window Grill Design (complex arrangement).

Modern Window Grill Design is made considering all the factors, safety, attractive design, and enough space to let air and sunlight pass. Do you know you can even add an interior window too? An internal window can add a dramatic effect to your residence and also looks attractive.

What is the importance of a grill designed window? Firstly, it increases the safety guard, and secondly, it adds a charm to the outlook of your apartment. They don’t just add beauty but also a sophisticate look, to both the interior as well as exterior.

  1. White Design Patterns Window Grill

The features of this white window grill are dimensional accuracy, simple installation, and smooth finish. Plus, this is termite resistant and moisture resistant. It also emphasizes heavy durability and low maintenance. The size of this grill is customizable, and if we talk about thickness, the exterior is 18mm, and the interior can vary from 6-18mm.

  1. Iron Window Grills

The main feature of this window is its strength. This window is made up of Iron. We don’t need to tell you about the durability of iron. The size and design of this grill are customizable according to your choice. Your residence got a large window, and want to implement this grill, tell them they will make your wish come true.

  1. Metal Window Grills

The features of this metal window grill are its long-lasting finish, corrosion-resistant, and high durability. The materials use in the manufacturing of this grill are stainless steel and mild steel. The size is customizable.

  1. Stainless Steel Window Grills

This stainless-steel window grill is manufacture in such a way that it is fire and heat resistance. The height of the grill can vary from 3-4ft. This grill has a polish surface finish and is corrosion-free. The plus point is you can use this design in a commercial outlet too.

  1. Mild Steel Grill

This grill features mild steel and is properly welded. The design can be done as per the requirement of the customer. Moreover, it is also corrosion resistant. If you don’t want it to be mild steel, there are other options available too, like iron or steel. Even the selectivity of color is also flexible.

  1. Grill Patterns

This complex grill pattern is manufacture with the use of different types of materials like plastic, natural fibers, and additives. This is termite resistant and moist resistant. It also emphasizes heavy durability and elegant look. The size and design of this grill are customizable, and if we talk about thickness, the exterior is 18mm, and the interior can vary from 6-18mm.

  1. Welded Mesh Black Aluminum Grill Windows

This welded mesh grill is corrosion-resistant. The surface finishing is of paint-coat that too with the black color. The size is customized according to the demand of the client. If you have small children in the house, then this is the perfect one for you.

  1. Designer Window Grill

The company providing this window grill is working with the motive of coping up with every requirement of the customer. This white color designer grill is made using Mild steel. As for size, you can get a smaller version as well as a larger version of it. (Source:

  1. Mild Steel Modern Window Grill

This grill is made up of mild steel. In windows, it will be of fix structure, i.e., non-openable. The polished surface of the grill gives an accent look. The thickness is 7mm, ideal for the window and safe too.

  1. Dramatic Metal Window Grill

The plus point of the metal grill is that it is easy to maintain, and its durability is also high. It is corrosion-resistant too. They are cheap in pricing too. The pricing will depend on market valuation.

  1. Window Grills for House

The attractive point of this grill is that it has excellent finishing. And durability is also that its highest point. Overall, this product has a perfect look that will go well with the dream house design. As this design can be use in both residential as well as commercial buildings, you can buy it for any of the purposes.

  1. PVC Casement Window Grill Design

The window casements look classy. Get this Pvc casement window grill and make your entrance more welcoming and attractive. This product is made on the standards of industry and quality check materials. It is highly admired by the clients because of its high durability and good quality.

It features a superior finish and rug look that makes it look more attractive and appealing. This grill is ideal for apartments. And as it is made up of PVC, it has many benefits like toughness, lightweight, and abrasion resistance.