Digital Construction - Digital Construction

The 6 ways construction management software makes project managers’ lives easier

September 2022

Digital Construction - Digital Construction

The 6 ways construction management software makes project managers’ lives easier

September 2022

In order to complete complex construction projects in today’s market, project managers must be almost superhuman. Construction project managers must navigate loosely defined client goals and vague project scopes while also accounting for supply chain delays, labor pool strain and poor communication from vendors and contractors. On top of these challenges, the data needed to track project progress is often spread between multiple systems that don’t communicate with one another.

The construction industry is among the least digitized and slowest to adopt digital tools and technologies in their operations. However, flexible management software allows construction companies to solve issues that construction project managers struggle to overcome. Here are seven examples of direct benefits that construction project managers realize when adopting a holistic management solution.

  1. Real-time communication

According to a recent study from Wellingtone, 25% of organizations lack the technology to streamline collaboration. Communicating effectively is an overarching issue in an industry that requires so many team members, managers, contractors, suppliers and resources across multiple locations.

Construction project management software changes how teams can communicate with project stakeholders and other key decision-makers. A project management solution integrates communication for projects on a unified platform.

Real-time communication and collaborative capabilities help improve the planning and coordination of construction operations. Construction PM software also allows external stakeholders to connect with project managers to provide clarity and set realistic expectations.

  1. Accounting and financial management

Budgeting often requires the most attention from construction teams. An incorrect estimate triggers problems from the jump and improper planning can lead to excessive waste and increased costs. That’s why accounting, risk and cash flow management are among the most significant benefits of implementing a digital construction solution.

Project managers can easily monitor spending to minimize costs with budget management tools through construction PM software. A centralized database built for construction project managers can address materials and labor costs, automate standard proposals and integrate analytics to improve the estimate process.

  1. Resource management

Because of shortages in manufacturing and disruptions of the supply chain, resource management has become one of the most difficult factors of any project that managers must navigate. Managing resources, overstock, and waste is intricately connected with revenue outcomes. Aligning resource needs with budgets and customer expectations is not a simple task, requiring special attention, equipment and knowledge.

Not only does construction management software streamline the procurement, ordering, tracking and delivery process, but it can also check whether your resource usage matches up with original estimates. And it can even help project managers identify if there is a way to optimize project processes in the future.

  1. Improved productivity

Managing the productivity of countless teams is virtually impossible with spreadsheets, emails and endless phone calls. Construction managers all have their own process for motivating their teams and creating a more productive environment.

Project management software built with construction teams in mind gives managers the ability to manage numerous processes while still allowing for the flexibility to do what works best for teams, contractors, and time constraints at a moment’s notice.

Manual processes such as calling contractors, reviewing project timelines and managing workloads take up an extraordinary amount of time. Project managers can now automate their tedious tasks and facilitate asynchronous communication to improve productivity with little extra effort.

  1. Customizable specifications

When construction teams say that they don’t want to move away from manual processes in favor of streamlined digital tools, they really mean that they like their way of managing procedures. They don’t want to adopt a whole new system that will affect operations negatively.

The nature of construction management software is that it is highly customizable so that it blends in seamlessly with your business values and management style. Since it can be tailored to meet specific industry and company needs, construction project managers can expect faster deployment time, faster company growth and better process optimization with customization and transparency.

  1. Better organization

Finally, one of the most overlooked benefits of using construction project management software is the ability it grants companies to organize large amounts of information, complicated processes and complex tasks.

Project managers face endless streams of information vital to project outcomes. Project management software for construction firms allows companies to store field notes, track expenses, organize contracts and have access to essential information the moment it is necessary.

In Closing

Companies catching the back end of the digital transformation wave may feel overwhelmed, but the success of a construction project ultimately comes down to project management. Construction companies that don’t prioritize project management experience more project failures than those with robust project management software implementations.

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