Security & Fire Protection - Doors, Windows Shutters, and Gates

6 Different Types of Windows Used in Buildings

October 2022

Security & Fire Protection - Doors, Windows Shutters, and Gates

6 Different Types of Windows Used in Buildings

October 2022

The most common materials used to build windows are timber, steel and aluminium. But, steel may be damaged by chemical reactions with time, while timber may be attacked by termites, but aluminium window frames are mostly durable and does not have any defects and are widely used these days, but the price is compared to the other materials is little high. Windows also enhance the beauty of the building.

  1. Fixed Windows

As the name suggests, these types of windows are basically fixed to the wall which cannot be opened or closed but, the lights can be transmitted easily into the room through fully glazed shutters which are fixed to the window frame. The shutters provided are generally weatherproof.

These windows are also named as pictured windows, as they are sometimes provided only for viewing outside views of nature. The price of such type of window is somewhat less as compared to the other types of windows.

Generally, the average cost for a fixed window is about $250. If you want to add a wooden frame instead of a steel frame then its price will be a little more.

  1. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are generally used in shops, bank counters, office cabins and corridors etc. In this type, the shutters used in the frame of the windows are movable. The shutters can move both horizontally or vertically inside the frame. This movement is totally based on the provision of roller bearings used in the shutters.

The main disadvantage of this type of window is that it cannot be opened fully i.e. one side of the window is always closed. Sliding windows can be double track sliding or triple track sliding. The advantage of this type of window is that it can move within its internal space provided i.e. no extra space is required to function fully.

The cost of a sliding window can vary from $300 to $1,300. Its cost depends on the size of the windows, number of panels, glass quality, etc.

  1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are widely used these days. This type of window allows more ventilation area than other types. Though this type of window is generally prohibited near walkways and traffic areas. The shutters of the casement windows open like doors. Adequate spaces have been provided to the frame to receive the shutters. The construction of this type of window is similar to the construction of a door alike. The panels of the window shutters can be single or multiple.

These Casement windows are very easy to operate and are specifically designed for resisting rain and wind to get inside the room from outside, and for that reason, the direction of the windows cannot be reversed.

Casement Windows installation is somewhat more costly than fixed and sliding windows. Normally the average price for a casement window is about $500. But it may be $1,500 or more depending on their size and the types of materials you want to use.

  1. Glazed/ Sash Windows

The glazed/ Sash window is similar to the casement window. But, as the name suggests, the panels of the window shutters are fully glazed. It is made of top, bottom and intermediate rails. The space between the rails is divided into small panels known as sash bars or glazing bars.

  1. Pivoted Windows

Pivoted windows are again identical to casement windows except no rebates are required for the frame and the movement of the shutters are slightly different. The pivots which help to oscillate the shutter can either be made horizontally or vertically and is easy for cleaning purpose. Also, it allows more light than the side hung windows.

  1. Metal Windows

Windows made of mild steel and aluminum which can be directly fixed to the wall or with a wooden frame, and it is very cost-effective and strong and widely used these days in building construction. Windows made of bronze being very costly is restricted to only important works.

Metal windows are fixed into the rooms only after the masonry work is done and the lintels are provided above the opening of the windows. Mild Steel windows can be manufactured in different sizes, shapes & types, and are widely used in the building construction industry these days. Metal shutters are used for normal casement/ordinary windows to give strong support to the panels.