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SleeveCap TMJ sleeve

August 2022

Product Focus - Products

SleeveCap TMJ sleeve

August 2022

What does the SleeveCap achieve?

SleeveCap creates a cost effective Temporary Movement Joint sleeve in seconds, by utilising a readily available standard post tensioning duct.

Alleviating shrinkage cracks by providing separation between concrete elements. Grouting of the sleeve is managed through secured tubes connected to the grout connector ports, port arrangement allows for a clutter-free connection that can further simplify installation via sleeve connection in series.

Why do concrete joints require sleeving?

Sleeved Temporary Movement Joints allow concrete elements to shrink and move independantly for a relatively short period, in turn reducing cracking and allowing post tensioned cables to work more effectively. Real structures behave and better reflect the engineered model with the correct location and installation of sleeved Temporary Movement Joints.

Where are sleeved joints usually required?

TMJ Sleeving is usually required at concrete joints, including:

Slab to Basement Walls.

Slab to Capping Beams.

Slab to Footings.

Slab to Precast Elements.

Slab to Slab.


What are the benifits of using the SleeveCap?

The SleeveCap utilises the same elements that have been accepted in the use of sleeving over the last three decades, whilst improving site efficiency and allowing a repeatable quality installation.

Connection of the SleeveCap in series allows the grout tubes to be positioned near the joint, reducing nuisance grout tubes littered throughout the slab during surface finishing.